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I began my life in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, on an island filled with forests and wild rhododendrons. I was separated from my Worland family there at an early age. Recently, I was reunited with my family and learned of my heritage. And so, this journey to know my ancestors began. The Worlands, Gideons, Newtons, Conards... they were the colonists, the settlers, the pioneers. They fought in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War. This is their story, and the story of a nation. -Deci Worland MacKinnon

Friday, July 2, 2010

November 1722, Maryland

November 20, 1722- Anthony Neale signs his will at the age of 63 in Charles County, Maryland. There are records also showing November 20, 1722 as the date of death of his son and namesake, Anthony. Perhaps the death of his son prompted his writing of the will.
His son Thomas had died sometime earlier, and is not mentioned in the will.
The will is probated July 12, 1723. I do not have an exact date of death for Anthony, the father.
Anthony had fought in the Nanticoke Indian War in the 1670s on Maryland's Eastern Shore.

Will of Anthony Neale, Charles County, 20th Nov., 1722; 12th July, 1723.

To Thomas Mansell, William Hunter and John Bennett, priests; George Newman, James Gates and dau. Mary, personalty.
To son Raphael and hrs., "William's Folly" and personalty.
To son Henry, £12, and, in case he does not enter priesthood, 1/5 of personal estate. Shd. he take orders, or die during minority, his portion to 4 younger children, viz. Edward, Charles, Bennett and Mary.
To son Edward and hrs., ½ dwelling plantation "Aquenseek," and personalty, including silver chalice and suit of church stuff, to remain in sd. dwell, house for use of family.
To son Charles and hrs., residue of "Aquenseek," and personalty; sd. tract to be divided by sons Raphael and Roswell, Charles Diggs, Wm. Chandler and William Diggs.
To son Bennett, in case he does not enter priesthood, lease of 200 A. and 1/5 of personal estate (same condition as in bequest to son Henry).
To sons Edward and Charles, exs., and their hrs., storehouse and lot in Chandler Town bou. of Philip Hemsley and Mary, his wife.
To sons Edward and Charles and dau. Mary, residue of estate; shd. any of younger child., viz. Henry, Edward, Charles, Bennett and Mary, die during minority or without issue, survivors to divide portion of dec'd, except lands, which in sd. cases shall revert to sons Raphael and Roswell and their hrs.
Dau. Mary to receive portion at 16, son Charles immediately.

Test: John Bennet, John Sanders, Walter Pye, Margaret Pye

(Anthony Neale is my first cousin 10 times removed. Our common ancestors are Benjamin Gill & Mary Mainwaring.)

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