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I began my life in the Puget Sound area of Washington State, on an island filled with forests and wild rhododendrons. I was separated from my Worland family there at an early age. Recently, I was reunited with my family and learned of my heritage. And so, this journey to know my ancestors began. The Worlands, Gideons, Newtons, Conards... they were the colonists, the settlers, the pioneers. They fought in the American Revolution, the War of 1812, the Civil War. This is their story, and the story of a nation. -Deci Worland MacKinnon

Saturday, August 8, 2009

1778 Washington on Quakers

March, 1778- During the bleak, dark days at Valley Forge, General Washington issued the following orders to Brigadier General John Lacey, Jr.:

Head Quarters, Valley Forge, March 20, 1778


Sunday next, being the time on which the Quakers hold one of their general Meetings, a number of that Society will probably be attempting to go into Philadelphia. This is an intercourse that we should by all means endeavor to interrupt, as the plans settled at these meetings are of the most pernicious tendency. I would therefore have you dispose of your parties in such a Manner, as will most probably fall in with these people, and if they should, and any of them should be mounted upon Horses fit for draft or the service of light Dragoons, I desire they may be taken from them and sent over to the Qtr. Master General, any such are not to be considered as the property of the parties who may sieze them as in other cases. Communicate the above orders to any of the officers of the Continental Army who may command scouting parties upon your side of the Schuylkill.

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